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Excursion of the Museum Association with Sylvia Böhmer

association for the promotion of Aachen museums

preserve art and make it accessible

Founded in 1877, this not-for-profit association promotes and sponsors the museums of the City of Aachen, art in the Aachen region and, in general, encounters with art through talks, excursions and guided tours. It supports exhibitions, acquisitions and restorations (e.g. through masterpiece sponsorships) and endeavours to provide a forum for art lovers to exchange ideas and deepen their knowledge. The museum association publishes the "Aachener Kunstblätter", an acclaimed art-historical periodical, which is circulated free of charge to association members every two years.


Membership affords among other things free admission to Aachen's museums, discounts on admission fees to special exhibitions and exclusive previews.

Members also receive a free copy of every issue of the "Aachener Kunstblätter".

The annual fee is
20,- € for pupils and students up to age 27
50,- € for single members incl. seniors
60,- € for married couples
70,- € for families with children, who are pupils.

sustainable art funding for 142 years

The Museumsverein Aachen is one of the oldest circles of friends in Germany and, since 1877, an exemplary financing model for public collections that arose from civic engagement. Various private collectors from Aachen donated their works to the association. The collection, which previously has been oriented towards cultural history, was given a new art-historical orientation through the generous gift of paintings by the Aachen banker Barthold Suermondt at the end of 1882. Thanks to the effective representation of the leading figures from politics and business in the museum association, other important foundations were established in the 1980s. The association not only achieved the implementation of a museum that emerged from community foundations (today the Suermondt Ludwig Museum), it also organized publicly effective activities such as series of lectures and exhibitions from the start. An important task of the association was the publication of the ‘Aachener Kunstblätter’, which is still used as a news organ and as a forum for scientific contributions. After the 15 issues of the old episode (1906 - 1931), the series, which was resumed in 1957 with volume 16, is one of the most respected art historical periodicals in Germany. Due to the reorganization of the Aachen museum landscape in the 1980s, the Aachen Museum Association considers itself today as a support association for the Aachen museums - in particular the Suermondt-Ludwig Museum and the houses of the Route Charlemagne.


Museums in Funding


Centre Charlemagne

Couven Museum                   

Internationales Zeitungsmuseum                     


Elke Lothmann

in the Suermondt Ludwig Museum
Wilhelmstraße 18
52070 Aachen

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Curator talk with Dr. Dagmar Preising in the library

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Musical Matinée in the Fireplace Room

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