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research at the highest level

art-historical and technological research

The Suermondt Ludwig Museum is fully dedicated to art-historical and technological research. On the one hand, the museum's own objects are being successively subjected to scientific evaluation on the premises. This research into the extensive collection more often than not exposes interesting issues that are also relevant to art studies on an international level. On the other hand, the museum has set itself the goal of staging major exhibitions that are developed according to high scientific standards and accompanied by elaborate catalogues. The specialists in the museum team therefore also maintain close contact with national and international researchers. The director and the custodians give talks at symposia and in this way ensure that the specialist world and the international academic sector remain well aware of the museum in Aachen and its important collection.

current projects

early Netherlandish paintings.
Collection of late medieval paintings from the 15th to the 16th century

Currently, the museum's own highly respectable and internationally relevant collection of late medieval paintings of the 15th-16th century from the area of the Old Netherlands is being researched in an interdisciplinary collaboration by Dr. Linda Jansen (Maastricht) and graduate conservator Ulrike Villwock. The final results will be presented in a collection catalogue and an exhibition.

Collection catalogue for the sculpture collection, Vol. III

Furthermore, Dr. Dagmar Preising and the graduate conservators Michael Rief M.A. and Ulrike Villwock have commenced work on the third volume of the collection catalogue for the sculpture collection (Middle Rhine, Cologne, Lower Rhine and Westphalia, 1290-1530).

Scientific publication

Mecheln (Mechelen) as a centre of sculpture production from the late 15th to the early 17th century. More details here.

Editors: Dr. Dagmar Preising and Michael Rief

Collaboration with universities

Collaboration with universities and colleges plays an important role in facilitating scientific treatment of and possibly also publication about several sub-collections and individual objects.

2015 | Chandelier collection
BA thesis at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), degree programme Applied Museology (Jan Bielau: The Chandelier Collection of the Suermondt Ludwig Museum in Aachen. Chandeliers from Antiquity to the Modern Era).

2011 | Jewellery collection
BA thesis at the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences (HTWK), degree programme Applied Museology (Carolin Roske: The Jewellery Collection of the Suermondt Ludwig Museum in Aachen. An Inventory Documentation with Historical-Cultural Correlations).

2011 | Stove ceramics collection
Dissertation at the RWTH Aachen University (Kirsten Remky: Stove Tiles and Model from the Collection of the Suermondt Ludwig Museum Aachen. A Contribution to the History of Stove Ceramics from Late Romanesque to Late Baroque).

2005 Comprehensive collection of antiquities
by students and staff of the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne (Eds. Katja Sporn: Europa's Mirror – The Collection of Antiquities in the Suermondt Ludwig Museum, Wiesbaden 2005).

Research into artistic techniques also has a high priority. For this reason, the museum enters into collaborations with universities and colleges for restoration:

Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL), Maastricht
One of Europe's most renowned training institutes for conservators (an offshoot of the University of Amsterdam UVA)

Project CSI Aachen – Investigation and restoration of two Catalonian panel paintings (circa 1450/1460) of the SLM Aachen
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Study day with international participants of the Getty Panel Painting Initiative
Post-graduate trainee workshops (WORKSHOP 2:  Wood Science and Technology). Maastricht-Cologne-Aachen-Liege October 13-19, 2014 (talks on recent restorations of panel paintings of the SLM and on wood science, appraisal and discussion of recent restorations in the collection)

Technical University of Munich
Study programme Conservation-Restoration, Art Technology and Conservation Science

Bismuth casket
Bismuth as a pigment, dissertation by Stephanie Küthe, 2004

Wood as a Material for South German Sculptures (1000-1800)
Provenance, utilisation and processing of wood using the example of the art collection of the Ducal Georgianum in Munich, dissertation by Isabella Raudies, 2012

Bern University of the Arts /University of Applied Sciences (CH)
Department of Conservation-Restoration

Project – Comparative Investigation of two late Gothic Winged Altars from Almens GR (SLM Aachen) and Stierva GR (in situ)
Master's theses by Selina Wechsler, 2015, and Nicola Diels, 2016

Further cooperation partners: universities of applied sciences in Erfurt, Hildesheim and Cologne.



Ulrike villwock
Dagmar Preising